If your operation parks high-end, luxury and exotic cars, you can’t risk damaging them.

Safe and Proper Operation

How well you care for customers’ cars in your custody speaks volumes about your business. Most important, it affects your potential liability for both vehicle damage and personal injury. Repair costs for luxury vehicles are very high: Just one accident that damages a carbon fiber front lip can cost over $10,000.

Exotic and luxury cars are difficult to drive in the hands of untrained drivers. Each brand and model has special controls to start, operate and secure the vehicle. If not operated carefully and safely, the consequences are huge. These cars are expensive to buy and to fix. If your valet breaks a Bentley, Lamborghini, or Maserati it’s very costly for all involved.

Liability Insurance Costs

The premiums you pay for Garagekeepers and General Liability insurance and your deductible are based on your operating standards, safety practices and claim record. In addition to vehicle damage, you also face potential property damage and serious injury to drivers, car owners and pedestrians.

Hidden Costs

In addition to insurance premiums, consider the costs of administrative time and expense to handle claims, lost deductible and the impact on your business reputation. A damaged customer’s car can destroy goodwill and create bad publicity. A few negative comments posted online will scare off customers.

The 2012 American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer reported customers who have a good experience will tell 15 people; but customers who have a bad experience will tell 24. And on social media they’ll tell hundreds more – as their rants are read by friends and strangers.

Training Pays

Our training provides clear instructions to help you better manage your exposure and control risk. By implementing high standards and practices to select and train your parking valets, you present a more attractive risk to insurance carriers.

Valet parking operators assume enormous risks and potential liability. We can help you better manage and control risks, improve your safety record and reduce your costs.

Don’t your customers deserve the peace of mind to know that their vehicle will be operated carefully and professionally?

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