The money you save in claims, time and aggravation will more than pay for your subscription to our professional training library.

People and Insurance costs are the biggest part of your overhead. Effective training can reduce those costs and produce a big payoff.

Insurance premiums, pay rates and other operating expenses are increasing – a trend that will only continue. You can offset this trend by improving how you select, train and keep great employees.


Consider what you spend to advertise, screen, interview, on-board, and train new employees. Add in workers comp, benefits, turnover and lost productivity and your people costs can be staggering. Do you want your people to produce a return for your business, or continue to escalate your costs?

By enrolling your valets in a consistent, comprehensive training program, they will be productive sooner, perform more safely, contribute earlier and stay longer. Studies prove that a great training program is a great recruiting tool that attracts better talent. Well-trained employees are more engaged and more likely to treat customers better – which enhances your reputation.


When you can show your insurance carrier that you are conscientiously preparing your valets to perform their jobs safely, they will consider that in rating your exposure. And, If your valets have fewer damage incidents, you don’t have to use your deductible and pay those costs out-of-pocket. That generates savings you can use in other parts of your business.

Bottom line

There are more vehicles, fewer self-parking options and expanding demand for valet parking. With this growth you are facing greater risk, rising insurance costs, and increased personnel costs. Evaluate our training process and value proposition. We will enable you to better control your risks, reduce your costs, deploy a more professional team and take your business to the next level.

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CFO to CEO: “What if we train our people and they leave?”

CEO: “What if we don’t and they stay?”

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