As a parking operator, you need your valet team to safely and properly operate customers’ cars to control your loss exposure.

Valet parking is a serious business and so is training. It’s not something you do just once, or once in a while – if you expect great job performance.

The problem with most training is it doesn’t ‘stick’. That’s because most training is passive and involves listening and watching or reading. It’s based on what someone thinks learners need to “know” or “understand” – which is difficult to measure. Lectures, online courses and webinars provide information – not instruction. And manuals, CD/DVDs and PowerPoint decks are all about showing and telling – and not about doing. Our training is designed to teach valets how to DO – to perform critical steps that are observable and measurable.

Our professionally produced training videos demonstrate how to properly and safely operate expensive cars without risking damage to critical components. Our concise programs enable valets to do their jobs professionally – and please your customers. Our online system tracks training completion and awards certificates. And, access to our content-rich library is a low-cost way to supplement and expand your current training efforts.

Our content is derived directly from manufacturer, dealer and insurer guidelines. We follow proven instructional design methods to organize, deliver and assess training for valet drivers. Most important, all of our engaging programs are readily available online 24/7.

Complete 3-minute ‘how’to training videos cover multiple brands of high-end vehicles and can be viewed in the office or home on any computer, tablet or mobile device. 30-second Quick Clips are instantly accessible onsite for review or refresher training delivered directly to your valets’ smart phones.

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