Repair costs are increasing faster than your revenue.

Safety and courtesy can build or break your business.

One or two incidents can wipe out your deductible.

Can you afford to not train your valet drivers?

Conserve your capital; Invest in your people.

Control your risk = Reduce your costs.


Properly trained valets can mean the difference between profit and loss. New technology and unique controls in high-end, exotic & performance cars require special attention. Insurance premiums and repair costs are increasing and fixing ‘super cars’ is super expensive.


We provide training videos that instruct valet drivers how to properly and professionally operate exotic and luxury cars. Our online library is accessible on any PC or mobile device – 24/7 – and also includes important video programs on safety, customer courtesy and more.


Garagekeepers Liability Insurance and people costs are your greatest expenses. Every day you face huge risks and loss exposure. You can avoid the costs of claims, lost deductible, lost customer goodwill and high turnover by ensuring your valets get the training that they need.


We’ve surveyed valet operators, insurance and safety analysts, auto dealers, repair & detail shops, property managers, restaurant owners, hospital leaders, and parking industry experts. The consensus is clear: There is a definite need for the training solution we provide.


Fine automobiles deserve fine care and should not be entrusted to untrained or inexperienced parking valets. You are providing a great service to valet operators and their clientele.  – Ian Stewart Daniels, Owner, Shop The Finest

ValetProToGo is a game changer in the automotive space.  Customized mobile technology enables a new level of interactive training in this high value, trusted market.  As a catalyst to ensured safety and security, valet tech is a growth opportunity soaring to new heights. ValetProToGo aims to lead development in this disruptive industry.  Greg Berkin, Concours Ventures; Silicon Valley Entrepreneur; Classic Auto Collector & Historian

Taking great care with customers’ expensive cars is our main business.  Our team can benefit from this kind of training – as I’m sure most valet operators can.  – Michael Bergren, President/CEO, Man Cave Colorado

Your training should be a job requirement to make drivers more mindful. Training can enhance the job build pride, and elevate the valet position. All while helping operators reduce risks and reduce costs.  – Gary Robinson, Former Valet Driver
I’ve seen valets get into exotic cars without a clue how to start or move them – and when they do, they often have trouble finding the correct gear and sometimes over-rev the engine. Your training programs will fix that and give exotic car owners greater peace of mind when they use valet parking. – David Nier, Restoration Specialist & Car Collector

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